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new-york-wrecker-servicesWhite Plains Towing is a professionally licensed and insured tow truck company dedicated to fast 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.

With local owners born and bred in suburban NYC, we provide outstanding and affordable services in Westchester County. No matter your location in White Plains and surrounding areas (I-287, I-87, city streets, etc.), we have an able team and dynamic fleet of tow trucks and equipment to deliver you prompt and reliable assistance on the road. We work 24/7, day and night … even holidays.

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Tow Truck & Roadside Assistance Services

As it relates to towing and roadside assistance, we provide a variety of trusted services to our friends, neighbors and those just passing through White Plains and Westchester. We are always ready to lend a hand to you with local and long-distance towing on streets, roads, expressways, and freeways in our New York service area.

We offer the following 24-hour services:

Emergency Towing

Emergencies are bound to happen on the road from time to time to even the best of us. We understand that quite well. For that reason, we employ a steady team of tow truck drives, roadside technicians pros, and friendly dispatchers around the clock.

When you call us for emergency towing and roadside assistance, it is our goal to reach you in 30-45 minutes or less – or equal to the time of a pizza delivery from Mario’s Mamaroneck Avenue. Expediency is always our main priority, regardless of your location, time, day or weather conditions.

We’re open 24/7 for accident recovery, flat tire repair and changes, battery charges and jump starts, winch out towing, and all other emergencies that you might encounter on the road.

Accident Recovery

Vehicle accidents occur from time to time on our city streets and roadways. On occasion, such mishaps cause consider damage to cars and trucks that they cannot be operated safely. In such circumstances, a towing company is needed to transport the vehicle.

Over the years, we’ve played super hero in the aftermath of hundreds and thousands of road accidents. In simple terms, our tow truck personnel is not only stringently trained, our pros are also experienced in responding to big and small car accidents.

We’re prepared 2 hours a day to aid you with accident recovery towing. Our service is fairly priced, and we tow your car promptly and efficiently to a repair shop, your home, or another location of your wishes.

Long Distance Towing

Our company may be based in Whites Plains, but we’re fully licensed and insured to tow vehicles of all types and sizes throughout the United States of America. Our long distance tow operators have safely transported vehicles throughout New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and many other points beyond.

We use flatbed tow trucks when we travel long distance. Use of a flatbed truck helps limit potential damage to your vehicle during transport and offers a safe and secure two across the miles.

We provide estimates that are both free and accurate for long-distance towing for cars, motorcycles, trucks, heavy duty semi-tractor trailers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), SUVs, farming equipment, and more.

Winching & Pull Out

It’s easier than you think for your vehicle to go off the side of the road and end up in a ditch, creek bed or another location you don’t want it. In these occasions, you car will almost certainly have to be be pulled out with a tow truck.

With trusted and durable equipment combined with expertise in winch out recovery, choose us when your car or truck slides off the road. We can safely and securely pull your vehicle out and back onto the road without causing further damage to it. It doesn’t matter if the car is flipped on its side, roof, or hood.

In the best circumstance, your vehicle will be in good enough condition that it can be safely driven following winch out. In cases that it isn’t, we can transport the car to a repair shop or other location of your wishes.

Specialty Towing

If it moves fast and has wheels and tires, we can tow it. That mostly means cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVS, ATVs, tractors, heavy duty semi-tractor trailers, antique cars, buses, farm equipment, and much more.

Our team of tow truck drivers are intensely trained in transporting all kinds of cars vehicles – big, small, and everything in between. They use modern heavy duty equipment that is safe and doesn’t cause damage to your ride.

We provide and accurate and free quotes, as well as affordable rates for specialty car towing. Call today to schedule your tow with us.

Junk Car Towing & Removal

We can quickly assist you in removing old junk cars from your front yard, back yard, driveway, garage, or place of business. Junk cars not only provide a bad view for you, your neighbors, and passersby, they are also tend to have sharp edges and rusting parts that can be dangerous.

We safely and efficiently get rid of junk cars for no cost and pay you cash on demand for the vehicle’s parts. We pay regardless of  the car’s condition, make, model, or year.

Contact us for junk car towing and removal. We’ll let you know up front what we’ll pay for your vehicle’s parts.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Abandoned vehicles are a a huge inconvenience if left by the owner on your property … or blocking a sidewalk or street. We possess many year of experience in collaborating with business owners, property rental owners and others to remove unwanted and unregistered cars from the premises.

We quickly tow away vehicles left in driveways, parking lots, on streets, and those obstructing or disturbing traffic, walkers, and business flow.

Roadside Assistance

Troubles are bound to happen to us all on the road. Even if you’re a safe, prepared and proactive driver, you can still suffer a dead battery or flat tire.

We can help you in a pinch. Our roadside assistance service options include battery jump starts and charges, flat tire changes and repairs, gas delivery for when you run out of fuel, lockout assistance, windshield glass repair and replacement, and repair for broken down cars.

Our roadside professionals will help you fast and at a low cost. They are ready 24/7, including holidays and weekends, for when roadside assistance is needed most.

Best Towing & Roadside Help in New York

We know that you many choices when it comes to picking a towing company in the White Plains area. A few of our competitors even have decent reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

We don’t like to boast, but you should choose us for the following reasons:

We’re prompt. Fast service is one of the things you want most in a towing company. No one wants to be stranded for hours at a time with no end in site. Take a breath because we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll do our very best best to get to you within 45 minutes or less.

Our rates are affordable. Besides being fairly priced and valuable we promise to never blindside you with hidden fees. We may not be the exact cheapest towing service in White Plains, but our low costs combined with expertise and make us a top choice for budget conscious customers.

We stay in touch. We’ve heard countless horror stories from customers who are told by the company they’ll be there right away only to show up hours later – sometimes not at all. We stay in constant communication with you and keep you updated of our progress until the job is done.

We’re friendly. How friendly, you ask. You might love us so much that you invite one of our dispatchers, tow truck operators, or roadside assistance pros to Thanksgiving dinner or out for a drink after the job is completed.

We’re top rated. You can have peace of mind when you call on us for towing or roadside help. Because of our experience, training, and expertise, we successfully handle any and all circumstances you may run into on the road.

If for any reason you can’t find us, simply type “towing service near you” or “tow truck in White Plains, New York” into a search engine of your choice. You’ll discover at the top of the list under “White Plains Towing”.


Service area

We are proud to deliver quality and affordable tow truck and roadside assistance to the following neighborhoods, towns, and cities in and around White Plains:

  • North Castle
  • Harrison
  • Scarsdale
  • Greenburgh
  • Fairview
  • Valhalla
  • Hartsdale
  • Purchase
  • I-287 (Cross-Westchester Expressway)
  • I-87
  • Tappan Zee Bridge

No matter your location in northern or central Westchester County, our dedicated and professional team of tow truck drivers and roadside assistant technicians will get to you promptly and get you back on the road to your destination.

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We also partner with tow truck services in Cleveland, Brighton, and Aurora, CO towing.

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